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Hold Up

Before we jump into the nitty gritty, I’d like to know if any of these hit home.

You don’t want to go to a full blown gym filled with mirrors, midriffs and men anymore… but you’re not sure what to do instead.

You're not feeling at home or comfortable in your body, it's impacting your confidence, in all areas of your life and quite frankly, it pisses you off.

Feeling stuck in a rut but not knowing how to break the cycle has become your norm. (Ummm… hello messy midlife.)

You’re looking for personal training and coaching from someone who isn’t afraid to get real about midlife, menopause and all that other women’s stuff.

Taking your lifestyle (work, kids, dog, cocktails!) into consideration is super important and recommendations based on your reality are crucial, you want to become healthier and happier, without having to give up everything.

If you’re like, oh…. 95% of my clients, then most of these speak to you. And that’s bloody brilliant. It means you’re in the right place AND that you are my type of woman, a stellar woman.


Sonya Lovell

Personal Trainer & Founder of Stellar Women

I help women in their midlife learn to love their body, food and exercise againI'm a passionate (and at times fierce!) advocate for women’s health, equality, rights, health at every size and for always leading with kindness.

And yes, I love men too, being a wife and mum of two young men, I get just as passionate about men’s health… but my business, she’s all about women. Stellar women.

A little more about me...

I accidently created a space for women to work on themselves and their fitness, in my Garage Gym, when I returned to my PT business, following a Breast Cancer diagnosis and treatment. It wasn’t a conscious decision, but it quickly became obvious that it was a bloody good decision! In my Garage Gym there are no mirrors, no midriffs and no taboo topics.

There are heavy AF bars, dumbbells and kettlebells and there are also light handheld weights. They all get used regularly without judgement. What I did do intentionally was create a space, and a business, that embraces a weight neutral philosophy. I don't run or endorse ‘weight loss challenges or quick fixes’. Instead, I educate on how to stop moralising food, because food is not good or bad, clean or unclean. It’s just food.

We also talk about our body in terms of what it can do and the amazing instrument that it is. Not how it looks. I encourage all women to get curious about their relationship with their body, to recognise and dismantle self-objectification and to create a healthy relationship with their body.

And I’ve done all of this work myself, so I do know it’s not easy!

At 50+ and with over 12 years experience in the fitness industry, I’ve been at the peak of fitness and strength but was disconnected from my body because I thought it didn’t look fit enough or strong enough. I was always striving to look ‘better‘ but all I got was more self-loathing. And then I was hit by the cancer bus. Diagnosed with Breast Cancer at 47, who brought her good friend Menopause along for the ride too.

Today I’m I have scars I thought I would never have. But I am a stellar woman, just as strong as I have ever been, physically, mentally & emotionally. And I am proud of, and love and appreciate my body. Grateful for everything it does for me, every single day grateful for a business that allows me to connect with so many women and support them on their health and fitness journey – in person and online.

What I stand for...

Body Love:

Many woman fall out of love with their body during midlife, holding onto an expectation of body size or shape that becomes hard to maintain, for some. I coach my clients to love and accept their body through all of it's phases and ages.

Food Love:

Most of my clients grew up influenced by a culture obsessed with diet and weight loss. I work with my clients to repair unhealthy relationships with food, restrictive dieting mindsets and to reverse the moralisation of food.

Exercise Love:

Midlife can be a time when women start to feel invisible in the fitness industry, as their bodies change and their exercise needs change. I provide a safe space to reconnect with fitness and it's many benefits during midlife and the menopause transition. 

They Say

What My Clients Say

Sonya is the real deal...

I contacted Sonya after reading a piece on her blog; her piece was a revelation to me and lead to a re-evaluation of my expectations and goals. Sonya is the real deal – she is knowledgeable, supportive and FUN! Sonya provides more of a holistic experience which encourages the best from me, and I have never felt like a number with her. Sessions have been tailored to accommodate for existing injuries, and Sonya goes above and beyond by offering to communicate with other health professionals. 

Personally, there have been countless gym memberships and personal training sessions that haven’t lasted, at last I feel like I’m in the right place. Training with Sonya has been the best decision I’ve made in years!

natasha miller - garage gym client

I'm now less wobbly, stronger, leaner and more conscious of diet. I'm also feeling proud of myself for turning up twice a week. Sonya pushes me to work at my capacity and I go to sleep at night exhausted and happy.

I know I will NEVER go back to a traditional gym again!

Please don't come to Sonya's Garage Gym, I want her all to myself!

tracey twomey

After 5+ year break from any sort of formal exercise, I’m so excited to be training with Sonya again. These small groups sessions are perfect for this busy mumma, providing some social interaction along with personalized approach to the workout.

I’m already seeing changes in my body and feeling stronger. 💪🏻👊🏻 Sonya’s experience and caring approach means you get the best workout for you.

shelley kemp

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