The Secret to DIY Fitness Programs

Working out by yourself at the gym, or at home in your own workout space, doesn't have to be boring and ad-hoc. A personalised DIY fitness program, written specifically for you, is a simple, sustainable and effective way to stay engaged and get back to enjoying your workouts.

Workouts for you.

Workouts that you need, when you need them, at an affordable price.

Face to Face PT Model

  • High investment
  • Location dependant
  • Scheduling conflicts

Personalised DIY Fitness Programs

  • Affordable
  • Workout where it suits you
  • Fit workouts into your schedule

What you get with a DIY program

Personalised Workouts

Feel confident that each workout has been programmed to meet your individual needs, no cookie cutter templated workouts here!

Delivery via App

Super simple to use App provides your workouts, easy to follow video demo's of every exercise and you can record your results.

Initial Zoom Session

We will have an initial Zoom session which allows me to assess your movements, posture and any injuries.

Progressive Results

All of this allows you and I to measure your progress as you increase your fitness, strength and mobility.

DIY Fitness Programs are for you if:

You have a gym membership or dedicated workout space at home.

You want to get in shape, feel strong and become comfortable in your body.

You're unsure how to get started with a strength training program, but you would really like to.

One of the most common comments I hear from my DIY clients is that they have a membership to a local gym, but don't use it. They are no longer comfortable, or challenged in group classes but have no idea how to do their own thing on the gym floor. As a result, their membership fees have become more of a donation than anything!

sonya lovell personal training

About your DIY coach

I help women in their midlife learn to love their body, food and exercise again.

I'm a passionate (and at times fierce!) advocate for women’s health, equality, rights, health at every size and for always leading with kindness.

With over 12 years experience in the fitness industry, I have been writing programs for many years and work closely with my clients to deliver programs that meet their needs and schedules ensuring they can achieve the results they want.

natasha miller

sonya goes above and beyond

I contacted Sonya after reading a piece on her blog; her piece was a revelation to me and lead to a re-evaluation of my expectations and goals. Sonya is the real deal – she is knowledgeable, supportive and FUN! Sonya provides more of a holistic experience which encourages the best from me, and I have never felt like a number with her. 

Sessions have been tailored to accommodate for existing injuries, and Sonya goes above and beyond by offering to communicate with other health professionals.  Personally, there have been countless gym memberships and personal training sessions that haven’t lasted, at last I feel like I’m in the right place. Training with Sonya has been the best decision I’ve made in years!

What Makes My Programs Different?

As a certified Female Health and Performance Coach I address my clients physiological, psychological and anatomical differences to prescribe exercises that will allow her to achieve her goals in a safe and sustainable way.

My DIY fitness programs are written specifically for each client, taking into consideration their personal experience and any limitations they may present with. Within my programs I address injury rehab and prehab when required, postural imbalances and mobility challenges.

 I do not create cookie cutter templates fobbing them off as 'personalised'. And I do not subscribe to training women as small men or that one size of fitness fits all. 

DIY Program Pricing Options



A month to month program designed to be done at home with limited equipment. Ideal for getting started or for getting back into your fitness after a break.



A month to month program for someone with a good base and experience with strength training. Designed to be done at a gym, or well equipped home gym.

Workouts that work for you.

See How Easily You Can Achieve Your Fitness Goals Without The Expense Of 1:1 PT Sessions